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Is Latin America in your bucket list? 

From now on you will have two different options to reach your dream:

Group Tours OR your personal Destination Experience

You can join one of our fully escorted tours, always in a small group (no more than 20 including ourselves) and forget about everything. We will be close to you at all times to make your visit to Latin America an experience to remember.

If for any reason the dates doesn’t suit you, the itinerary is too long or not long enough or there are particular places you prefer to go, we can help you create the adventure of your lifetime. We will work close to you to design the trip as you want it but giving our input based in our experience to maximise the results.

Either way, you will always receive the best advice and the experience of having been born there but lived in Australia long enough to be aware of the expectations.


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 Why you should choose Latin America Group Tours for your next trip? Watch this video to find out:

Latin America

Group Tours

Fully escorted small groups in set up dates

We invite you to join one of our exciting Escorted Tours to Latin America and experience authentic adventures like a local. We escort all Latin America Tours every day, in every place until you board the last flight home.
We are there to answer your questions, to assist you with language, to advise you on cultural tips, to help you with that gift for that special one.
Our first hand knowledge in the countries we visit will ensure that you will feel as comfortable as if you were back home. We give you a balance between group and “me” time. We are fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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Latin America


Create your own itinerary and decide when and where to go

We invite you to visit our exciting collection and choose to experience one of the adventures we have selected for you. The itineraries are examples only and can be tailor made to suit your interests, dates and time-frame.

Here are two simple steps to a thrilling Latin America Destinations adventure:
1. Choose your preferred itinerary from our selection (or create your own with our help) & book your own flights (We can help you to select the most affordable combinations).
2. Meet our carefully selected local partners on arrival who will show you the real Latin America.


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Let Stella & Horacio work with you to create a unique destination package just for you!

Our itineraries are planned in detail so you can enjoy the music, dancing, food, wines, breathtaking natural views, the splendours and array of the wild life, the culture and customs amongst different countries in North, Central and South America.

We have the experience as we have lived long enough in both Latin America and Australia.

We understand both cultures and utilize our extensive traveling experience in Central and South America, therefore we are able to put together the most authentic Latin America tours.

Exhilarating programs have been arranged by our local partners offering a wide variety of options matching an extensive array of interests. Sharing memorable time with other travellers from around the world will enhance your experience and increase your enjoyment.

The Latin American pace is respected so you can breathe at ease absorbing the relaxing atmosphere in a sensible and balanced way. We offer accommodation that reflects the character and history of the place we visit, avoiding expensive international hotel chains.

User comments

Rio de Janeiro

If you are:

  • Keen to learn more about other cultures
  • Enthusiastic about meeting new people
  • Avid explorer of exotic corners of the globe
  • Eager to enjoy the wonders of nature
  • Willing to have fun
  • Set to travel with comfort but not luxury
  • Prepared to see authentic aspects of each destination
  • Ready to taste wonderful foods and divine wines
  • Prefer to enjoy personal customer service in dealing with visas, health tips, money matters and cultural aspects among others

Then: Welcome aboard and start choosing one of our programs

Contact us before is too late : (07) 5492 5274 – 0400 193 040

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”  St. Augustine

We always strive to make your Latin America Destinations Tour a most memorable one

About Us

Stella was born in Montevideo, Uruguay and after studying Home Economics married Horacio and run a catering company specialized in weddings (which in Latin America are usually for 400-500 guests) and corporate functions. Supporting Horacio in his work related trips became a part time job as Stella mainly dealt with wives and partners. Her aim was to make their trip fun and culturally meaningful while their partners were visiting factories out of town or taking part in conferences. Years later when their children reached high-school age, the decision to migrate to Australia, made Stella focus on settling her family and herself in a new life, with a new language which was slowly acquired.
DSCN7208 (FILEminimizer)When their youngest daughter finished high-school, Stella decided that it was her golden opportunity to further her studies. She enrolled in Social Sciences at the University of the Sunshine Coast and graduated in 2010. Her major focus was broadening her knowledge in Multicultural Studies.
During this period she was offered to teach Spanish at the university, something she did with passion for three years. She employed some of the “Motivational Theories in Education” that she was studying at the time suggesting to plan a trip to South America to a dedicated group of students. This trip eventuated two years later and the experience was unforgettable for all of them and some partners and friends who joined the tour. It also proved that the motivational theories worked!After the success with the first tour and following the encouragement from her students she decided to embark in the adventure of a lifetime, and the rest is history!
She set up and chaired the University of the Sunshine Coast Migrant Women’s Forum which granted her the 2010 Sunshine Coast Multicultural Excellence Award in the Academic/Education category and was inducted to the Hall of Fame in 2013.
She is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Horacio was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. After studying Economics, Horacio worked in several companies in sales and marketing management. He took a General Manager role at Nissan Uruguay and while there he furthered his studies through different courses, including a diploma in Marketing from Cleveland University, USA. During his years in Uruguay he traveled extensively for work and pleasure. He planned and operated many work-related escorted tours to different destinations such as Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Paraguay, Mexico, USA, Japan, and also Italy and Spain. Those tours included a mix of business and tourism, taking customers to visit factories or suppliers, but enjoying some sightseeing as well. After moving to Australia in 1997, Horacio took a few years off to settle his family in their new country (wife Stella and four children). He then took on managerial roles in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast. When Stella presented him with her concept of taking some of her Spanish students to Latin America on an escorted tour, he saw a wonderful opportunity to travel again, as his passion for travel never eased. He dug out his old contacts: past co-workers, friends, hotel staff, transport connections, as well as researching new attractions. He then negotiated the best deals to offer to his passengers. He was inducted in 2013 to Hall of Fame of the Sunshine Coast Multicultural Excellence Awards. Horacio’s aim is to offer you the most authentic, efficient and cost effective method to visit the true Latin America.  Horacio is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and English.


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